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Water Blocking Wrist Wash Belt (1 Pair)

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Water Blocking Wrist Wash Belt (1 Pair)
Keep your arms completely dry throughout your face washing process with these high absorbent wrist wash bands!

This pair of ultra-absorbing cozy wash bands effectively absorbs and collects frustrating water messes at maximum capacity. Keeping even a single drop of liquid from running down your arms or soaking your cuffs and sleeves as your washing face. The wash bands can embrace your wrist comfortably so you can still do your cleansing routine without causing movement restriction. They also adopt better breathability and softness so it can stay for long around the wrist with no irritations, itchiness, and such. 

The wrist wash bands provide an excellent elasticity that can be stretched freely to fit securely around any wrist size. The wrist bands can be also easily wrung after each use to release the collected water without them deforming. Moreover, these high absorbent bands are also applicable for catching sweat and other liquids. Perfect when washing your face, cleansing, rinsing dishes, brushing teeth, doing spa, sports, yoga, exercising, and so on. Made with premium coral fleece which boast great durability that can withstand years of use and multiple washes without wearing-off.   

No more soaked sleeves or annoying water dripping down your elbows using these high absorbent wrist wash bands! 


  • Non-Drip Wash Bands
    A fine pair of face wash wristbands that successfully stops unwanted drips of water from flowing down to your cuffs, sleeves, and arms! Both wash bands are designed with a superior absorbency which enables them to easily soak up any types of liquid at maximum capacity. Allowing you to do your facial cleansing routine without a single drop of water spilling down or pooling onto the counters and floors.

  • Comfortable Wearing
    These wrist wash bands feature a thickened coral fleece material with a cozy, cottony soft characteristics. The pair is also lightweight so you can still lift your hands and do your daily washing routine without restrictions or other issues. Additionally, these wash bands are highly breathable and gentle for all skin-types. Saving you from experiencing irritations, itchiness, redness, and other allergic reactions.

  • Excellent Elasticity
    The high absorbent bands adopt an impressive elasticity that can be freely stretched and conform to any wrist sizes. The wrist bands can securely hug the wrists without them being too tight for discomfort or too loose to slip through. Moreover, they can be easily wrung after each use to release collected liquids without the bands damaging.

  • Widely-Used Wristbands
    These fluffy cuff bands not only catch water, but it can also be used to block off sweat and other liquid from running down your skin. Suitable when you're doing face-washing, cleansing, rinsing dishes, brushing teeth, doing spa, sports, yoga, exercising, and more possibilities. This pair of absorbent face wash bands is available in different trendy color selections, including pink, peach, white, gray, blue, and purple!

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly microfiber coral fleece fabric with extremely soft and ultra-absorbent capabilities. The bands also boast great durability that allows them to be reused for multiple years without deforming or wearing-off. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned using soap and water to avoid bacterial and odor built ups. 
  • Material: Coral fleece
  • 1 Pair x Water Blocking Wrist Wash Belt

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